How to cut your cake!

Now you have received your gorgeous cake – how to cut it, efficiently.
Below is a short video to help you cut your cake in the easiest manner possible.

 Just want to hack at your cake- No problems. It all goes down the same way.

But if you would like a bit of symmetry, and less fighting over who has the biggest piece- then this easy How-To Video is for you.

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How to Cut your cake- The easy way.

Slice your cake down the centre.

Put one half to the side.

Slice another piece approx 2cm wide parallel to the first cut and lay flat. Cut this piece in half horizontally- leaving 1.5 layers per slice.

Depending on the size ordered, and serving, these pieces could be then cut into halves or thirds.

Repeat this with the remainder of the cake.

A dessert portion is around the size of a deck of cards.

Store below 4degC | Best Served at Room Temperature | Consume within 3 days of receipt | ALLERGENS Egg, Dairy, Gluten, Wheat and may contain Nuts

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