Sweet Wave


If you are looking for an Insta worthy Option- this style is for you.
Bold, yet Stylish- set that smile to Huge on the recipients face!
Smeared with Blue and gold- and a couple of Macarons for those GF friends to enjoy
Need a Card, Cake topper- or some Candles?? All this and more available in our Add-On Section.
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This style of cake comes with big Wow factor. If you are going for an understated event- this one is not for you.
All round awesome- place this baby on the table and it will be the talk of the party!
A marbled chocolate wave and macarons on top- lashings of blue and gold over the cake. Inside is a rich chocolate cake ready for you to devour!
Whether it is for you to enjoy all to yourself, or if you wish to share it with those you care about most, you can be assured that you’ll remember this cake for a long time to come.


Sweet Treat 4-6 Dessert, Sugar Rush 10-12 Dessert, Group Hug 20-24 Dessert


Chocolate, Vanilla

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